Trimlight Illinois

Trimlight is an innovative, patented (Patent # 8,926,118) lighting system which will make a difference in setting up your lights throughout the year. The control is at your fingertips.


With our user friendly app, you can program millions of animations and colors and set different patterns depending on the event. All this at your fingertips.

Energy Efficient

We will always use high quality diodes, which will light up to 50.000 hours. This is a system that will last many, many years to come, most times outlasting current homeowners in their house.

Weather Proof

The system will withstand all adverse weather conditions including rain, show, winds, freezing and scalding temperatures. The diodes are absolutely weather and water proof.

Professional Instalation

We have years of experience in the field, and we also offer you an on-site initial setup support. Rest assured, as installation satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Made for life’s moments

Trimlight Illinois – Now you too can have a permanent exterior lighting, professionally installed so that you won’t have to worry about Christmas and other holiday lights ever. With millions of colors available and 180 pre-set programs, the app allows you to set the patterns you like depending on the occasion. All this is available throughout the year, with elegant solutions for patios, decks and gazebos also.

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I want the Trimlight Select Lighting System

Your Benefits

Trimlight Illinois – Are you looking to change the old way you decorate your house for Christmas? Do you want to have year-round lighting, easily operated from an app? Are you looking to avoid hanging lights in the cold just to have them removed a month later, still buried in the snow? If you do, Trimlight Select is probably the best option for you.

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Other Advantages

Trimlight Illinois

Hardly noticeable during the day

The diodes are barely noticeable during the day, so you don’t have to worry about aesthetics. Also, the channel doesn’t interfere with most gutters or other features of the building. It is safely placed in an area where UV rays are unable to damage the bulbs. The channel also hides the wires, thus providing a very elegant and clean look.

Trimlight Illinois

Multiple Color Combinations

Trimlight Illinois – The Trimlight Select uses an LED lighting technology which lasts way longer than conventional methods. Also, it’s important to note that they only use a fraction of the energy needed for the above-mentioned methods. The app provided helps you change the colors in seconds, giving you multiple options.

Trimlight Illinois

Wide Range of Aluminum Colors Available

The aluminum channel matches the color of your house or building. We provide tens of different colors, most of them should match most standard colored homes. Complimentary colors are also available. Our residential and commercial channel lighting options should fit the majority of homes and business buildings.

The whole process was very simple and professionally carried out. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone looking to have beautiful year-round holiday lights!

- Richard Olsen

We've had the system installed 4 years ago and still get compliments from our neighbors and even trespassers. Thank you so much for everything, we definitely recommend you!

- Corey Allen

The system is not just for Christmas or other holidays. We use it almost every night, depending on our mood or the events we are holding. A great product!

- Jake Scott

I am very pleased with my lights and also the fact that we don't ever have to climb the roof again! Who wouldn't love to have Trimlight Select all year long?

- Mary Nichols
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